Zespri SunGold sees double-digit sales increase

From The Produce News | 7 February 2024

Overview of kiwifruit in the U.S. market, complemented by charts from Agronometrics. Original published on February 6, 2024.

Zespri ended the 2023 season on a high note, with its SunGold generating double-digit growth in both dollars and volume. Zespri has helped propel the kiwifruit category, outpacing the total fruit department growth rate by seven points.

“Ending the season with positive sales results is always rewarding,” said Darren LaMothe, Zespri’s general manager, North America. “Our success is attributed in part to our distributors and retail partners, and we would like to thank them for a successful season as we look forward to planning the new season in May.”

kiwifruit prices by hist 1

Source: USDA Market News via Agronometrics.
(Agronometrics users can view this chart with live updates here)

The synergy between Zespri’s marketing efforts and in-store placement helped drive retail sales of Zespri’s SunGold kiwi. The company’s Taste the Obsession consumer campaign generated over 1 billion impressions and distributed 2.5 million samples igniting trial for this sweet and refreshing piece of fruit. Additionally, retailers built large prominent merchandising displays with placement in the produce department. The eye-catching graphics on the displays matched with the consumer campaign communications helping shoppers easily find the nutritious and delicious kiwi fruit. Retailers continued to see strong sales increases with the prominent positioning of in-store displays, which resulted in a $6 million increase in sales compared to a year ago.

The campaign highlighted the passion and care that goes into growing Zespri’s kiwifruit. It is this focus on quality that ensures a delicious bite with every Zespri kiwifruit. The Zespri System, the integrated production and distribution system used to deliver the world’s best kiwifruit to consumers, is one of the foundation blocks of the Zespri brand. It is the culmination of many years of scientific, technical and practical developments and uncompromised commitment from orchard to point of retail sale.

“Our passion and care for the land produces the best tasting fruit that we’re proud to share,” said Jeff and Shirley Roderick, Zespri growers. “It’s been a positive growing season so far with great weather conditions and we’re expecting a good yield and a great-tasting crop this year.”

Zespri is currently planning a new consumer marketing campaign and merchandising opportunities to start another new season off strong and fuel its purposeful growth. Zespri’s goal is to help drive global consumption of fruits and fresh produce by providing a delicious and nutritious fruit that aligns with consumers’ growing health and wellness needs. Moreover, these important healthy decisions start in the store. “We are eager to work with retailers to build customized programs introducing shoppers to the kiwi category and continually drive incremental sales for the department,” said LaMothe.

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