Navigating Through Troubled Waters: Impact of Panama Canal and Bab el Mandeb on Blueberry Industry – GTD Video

By Agronometrics | 11 January 2024

Join us for our first episode of 2024 as we explore the current logistical challenges, particularly how shipping issues through the Panama Canal and Bab el Mandeb could affect the blueberry industry. We’ll explore the implications of these shipping routes on market dynamics, especially concerning blueberry exports from Latin America and imports into the East Coast of the US and Europe.

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What’s going on with Shipping: What the Ship (Ep93) | Container Imports | Wind Down | Panama Canal | Maersk/MSC | ILA & Ports

Panama Canal Authority – Press Release

Gatun Lake Water Levels

Marine Traffic

Agronometrics GTD: South American Exports by Partner

Agronometrics GTD: European Imports by Region

Drewry World Container Index

Peru Exports to the United States by History

US Imports from Peru by History

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