Global Blueberry Data Unleashed at the IFPA

By Agronometrics | 18 October 2022

The blueberry industry is ever changing. As nurseries bring new varieties to the table, producers invest in tunnels, substrate and mechanization, and marketers reinvent the presentation and the markets within which blueberries are sold, the industry has grown in leaps and bounds.


With all this innovation and persistent change we couldn’t be left behind and are proud to unveil our newest product at the IFPA Global Produce and Floral Show in Orlando, this October 27 through the 29th.

The Blueberry Global Trade Data is a unique tool offering the most accurate, complete and up to date data in the blueberry business so far.

For now, this tool is in its BETA version but it is up and running and has a bunch of info that will help you and your company have a better understanding of what happened on the global stage and strategize on what will happen in this ever changing market.

Copy of 2021 blueberries

You can check the details in the product description below, but to make it short we summarized the product in three main deliverables:

Complete: The dataset includes prices, volumes and values from 2010 for imports and exports of all countries in the world, reported by their respective governments.

Timely: The dataset is updated through the 2021 season for the northern hemisphere and 2021/2022 season for the southern hemisphere. In the next months the service will include monthly updates with the freshest data for the US, EU, China, Canada, Chile, Peru and South Africa among others.

Actionable: The information will be accessible through our different dashboards, reporting infrastructure and extraction tools. Supercharging this immense dataset is the Agronometrics platform you have come to know and depend on.

The introductory price is ONLY US$5000 (available until the end of the year), which includes a yearly subscription for five accounts and full access to the dashboard and navigation service.

With your help, we’ll take the BETA version to the next level, thus making Global Trade Data the best instrument for your company to understand the global blueberry industry.

Agronometrics Blueberry Global Trade Data Product Description Cover

To learn more take a look at our product description here.


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