Forecast vs. Reality: Evaluating Our US Market Predictions & Upcoming Market Influencers – GTD Video

By Agronometrics | 8 December 2023

Join us in our latest episode where we evaluate the accuracy of our previous forecast based on Peruvian exports and their anticipated impact on the U.S. market. This video not only assesses the predictions against real-world outcomes but also provides a forward-looking analysis of other origins poised to influence the market in the coming weeks.

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🔵 What You’ll Learn:

▪️ A review of our previous forecast on Peruvian exports and its accuracy in predicting market trends in the U.S.

▪️ Insight into the real-world impact of these exports upon arrival in the U.S. market, particularly on pricing.

▪️ A preview of other significant origins that are likely to influence the market in the near future.

📊 Why It Matters:

The accuracy of market forecasts is crucial for planning and decision-making in the fast-paced fresh produce industry. This video offers a rare opportunity to learn from past predictions, enhancing future forecasting techniques and strategies.

💡 Key Takeaways:

▪️ An evaluation of the effectiveness of using Peruvian export data for U.S. market predictions.

▪️ Real-time data versus forecasted trends: a comparison for better understanding market dynamics.

▪️ An outlook on upcoming market influences from various origins.

⏰ Runtime: 11:08 Minutes

👥 Who Should Watch:

▪️ Importers and Exporters

▪️ Industry Analysts

▪️ Supply Chain Managers

▪️ Anyone interested in fresh produce market dynamics and forecasting

📈 Global Trade Data customers can access the charts used to create this video through the following links:

Peru Exports to the United States by History

US Imports from Peru by History

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