Driscoll’s invests $7.1 million into Mexican berry nursery expansion

From Fresh Plaza | 19 January 2024

Overview of berries from Mexico in the U.S. market, complemented by charts from Agronometrics. Original published on January 17, 2024.

Driscoll’s, a prominent US fresh berry provider, has inaugurated an extension to its strawberry nursery network in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco. This investment, amounting to $7.1 million, is set to stimulate local economic growth in Jalisco, Michoacan, and the Bajio region by catering to the increasing demand.

The company disclosed in a press release that the expansion could potentially double its investment by 2027. In its initial three years, the project is expected to create 500 jobs.

all commodities volumes

Source: USDA Market News via Agronometrics.
(Agronometrics users can view this chart with live updates here)

The nursery features two watering containers, a drip irrigation system, and a substrate for water conservation, plant quality enhancement, and irrigation automation. UV treatment technology will be used to prevent contamination and pest invasion. This innovative approach ensures superior product quality and efficient water usage.

Driscoll’s operates nurseries in Puebla, Tlaxcala, and Jalisco in Mexico, where they carry out seed patent propagation in tissue culture labs. The mother plants of strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are cultivated in these facilities.

In 2019, berries were the third-largest agri-food product exported from Mexico, valued at $2.6 billion. Mexico also ranks fourth globally in berry exports, contributing 10.2% to global consumption.

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