Agronometrics Shorts: Q2 Witnessed A Surge in Organic Fresh Produce Sales & Volumes

By Agronometrics | 3 August 2023

The Q2 2023 Organic Produce Performance Report, released by the Organic Produce Network (OPN) and Category Partners, reveals a modest yet significant growth in both sales dollars and volume for organic fresh produce during the second quarter of 2023. “The rate of organic sales growth—while still positive—slowed compared to past years, giving volume a chance to match that growth,” said Tom Barnes, CEO of Category Partners. “This suggests that inflation, while still evident, is not as apparent in organic produce as it was in conventional produce this past quarter.” Berries dominated all categories in terms of sales, achieving a commendable 3.3 percent increase from the previous year, reaching $454 million. In terms of volume, berries saw a 1.4% growth. Organic citrus also had a lucrative quarter, witnessing a 23.3% increase in volume and a 19.4% increase in dollars. Both conventional and organic produce underwent a decline in year-over-year price escalations, the differential in prices contracted by $0.04 in comparison to the second quarter of 2022. This downward trajectory in pricing has persisted since the first quarter of 2023, with each quarter showing a lower percentage increase in pricing than the previous year.

Organic Berry Volumes By History in the US


Source: USDA Market News via Agronometrics.
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Written by: Sarah Ilyas

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