Agronometrics CEO, Colin Fain to Speak at The South American Blueberry Convention

By Agronometrics | 19 April 2022

On April 21, the first South American Blueberry Convention will gather esteemed members of the global blueberry community in Chile. Supported by the national blueberry committees of Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay and the International Blueberry Organization (IBO), the South American Blueberry Convention will be a one of a kind opportunity to gather, learn and exchange information about the shortcomings and opportunities that impact Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Uruguay. Topics to be addressed include blueberry market trends, an outlook of the 2022-23 season, export opportunities for the four countries, market forecasts, and innovation. 

Specializing in the domain of market intelligence, Agronometrics has played a crucial role in the compilation of the Global State of the Industry Report in recent years. The Global State of the Industry Report is a vital resource that is developed by the International Blueberry Organization in order to facilitate easy access to valuable information and help drive the blueberry industry forward. In his talk at the South American Blueberry Convention, by virtue of the Agronometrics Data tool, Colin Fain will present his forecasts, for the global and Latin American blueberry markets until 2024.

The Agronometrics Data tool assists customers in tracking pricing trends and monitoring volumes and pricing to plan for and manage market volatility through USDA’s market News data. Additionally, it helps growers discover market opportunities, gauge how markets will perform by comparing previous seasons and accessing historical records. Utilizing these charts and others from projects like the IBO Global State of the Blueberry Industry Report, Colin will juxtapose different key markets and compare their trends in production and will thus offer insights into global trends in blueberry production. He will conclude the talk by laying out his forecasts for blueberry production for APAC, EMEA and the Americas with a special focus on Latin America and Chile.

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