The Thriving Blueberry Industry in China: Insights from Industry Leaders

By Agronometrics | 2 November 2023
The Chinese blueberry industry has been on a remarkable trajectory of growth and export expansion, defying conventional market trends and economic conditions. In this comprehensive article, we aim to provide insights into the growth of the Chinese blueberry industry through interviews with industry leaders Michael Oates, the Managing Director of Haygrove China, and Huan Zhang, the founder of Twinkle Star Berry. “What we’ve seen really in recent years in China is as the economy has slowed down, the blueberry sector in China has been expanding at an astounding rate, with a demand increase of approximately 40% year-on-year over the past five years, a stark contrast to the modest growth of many other major categories which have seen around 3-5 percent year on year growth,” says Michael Oates.
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