Peruvian table grape exports to increase by 13% to reach 73 million boxes

From Fresh Plaza | 3 January 2023

Overview of grapes from Peru in the U.S. market, complemented by charts from Agronometrics. Original published on January 3, 2023. 

Despite the political turmoil in Peru at the end of 2022, the Association of Producers and Exporters of Table Grapes of Peru (Provid), in their second crop estimate for the 2022/2023 campaign, project an increase of 13% compared to the previous campaign. This increased projection in the number of 8.2 kg boxes shows that Peru would be exporting 73 million boxes compared to 64.4 million boxes exported in the 2021/2022 campaign. This positive update from Provid shows the table grape industry is bouncing back with Peru set to become the world’s top table grape exporter.

According to Alejandro Cabrera from Provid: “Compared to the first estimate from early September 2022, growth would be +2%. The projections are based on the volumes projected by associates and producers, as well as the exports made to date. It should be noted that the table grape export campaign is concentrated between the months of October and March. The Peruvian table grape industry has demonstrated its dynamic and rapid adaptation to consumer preferences for new varieties. Therefore, much of the growth experienced by the industry is based on the processes of selection and change of traditional varieties by improved varieties, which translates into higher yields per hectare. For this season, Peruvian table grape exports will be destined for more than 58 markets in North America, Europe, Asia, Latam, Oceania and Africa.”

grape volumes by history 2

Source: USDA Market News via Agronometrics.
(Agronometrics users can view this chart with live updates here)

This second crop estimate comes after the political crises that engulfed Peru after widespread riots following the change of President and state of emergency that was declared in Peru just before Christmas last year.

“In recent weeks, due to the political and social situation in our country, there have been demonstrations and roadblocks, limiting the normal flow of traffic and paralyzing agricultural operations and table grape exports. To date, the normal has been regularizing traffic on the country’s main roads, which has allowed export flows projected for weeks to return to normal. As an industry and a union, we are committed to generating shared value, promoting growth and development in the different regions where we operate, creating a positive impact on the economy, society, and the environment. PROVID maintains the commitment to update and communicate the projections that allow the best decision making to our associates, producers and in general to the different interest groups of our national and international industry,” stated Cabrera.

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