Peruvian 2023 avocado exports expected to top $1 billion

From Produce Blue Book | 26 September 2023

Overview of avocados from Peru in the U.S. market, complemented by charts from Agronometrics. Original published on September 22, 2023.

From January 1 to August 28, 2023, Peruvian avocado exports reached 572.6 million kilos, showing an increase of 8.8 percent compared to the 526,.2 million kilos shipped in the same period of the previous year, the president of the Inform@cción consultancy, Fernando Cillóniz Benavides told Agraria.

He detailed that the behavior of avocado exports so far in 2023 was as follows: January, 4,579,740 kilos (around 4,000,000 kilos in January 2022); February, 16,363,783 kilos (around 10,000,000 kilos in February 2022); March, 47,405,643 kilos (around 33,000,000 in March 2022); April, 78,816,118 kilos (65,815,765 kilos in April 2022); May, 115,838,519 kilos (100,766,128 kilos in May 2022); June, 113,912,123 kilos (103,654,807 kilos in June 2022); July, 118,683,139 kilos (116,297,006 kilos in July 2022), and August (as of the 28th) with 76,981,255 kilos, and at the end of the month it would reach 90,000,000 kilos (98,615,800 kilos in August 2022) .

avocado volumes by origi 1

Source: USDA Market News via Agronometrics.
(Agronometrics users can view this chart with live updates here)

“The peak of the 2023 campaign was recorded between the months of May and June. In addition, monthly shipments were higher compared to the same months in 2022, except in August where a decrease was observed. Likewise, it is expected that there will be a lot of late avocados, mainly in Arequipa,” he said.

He highlighted that in the analyzed period not only the volume shipped increased but also the value, due to the higher price that fruit received in the international market. So at the end of the year, the exports of said fruit should reach the goal of $1 billion, a figure recorded in 2021.

Exports from La Libertad, the main producing region, grew by 2.4 percent, going from 178,683,961 kilos between January 1 and August 28, 2022 to 182,997, 658 kilos in the same period this year.

In the case of Lambayeque, shipments of this fruit increased by 28.5 percent, going from 110,072,741 kilos between January 1 and August 28 of last year to 141,470,486 kilos in the same period of 2023.

Shipments from Lima increased by 15.4 percent, going from 124,333,734 kilos between January 1 and August 28, 2022 to 143,444,250 kilos in the same period of this year.

For its part, Ica shipped 78,981,096 kilos of avocado between January 1 and August 28, 2022, while on the same date this year it amounted to 75,324,132 kilos, noting a decrease of 4.6 percent.

In the case of Áncash, shipments of this fruit decreased 11.2 percent, going from 20,755,838 kilos between January 1 and August 28 of last year to 18,429,892 kilos in the same period of 2023.

While in Arequipa they increased by 25.6 percent, going from 3,941,276 kilos between January 1 and August 28, 2022 to 4,950,473 kilos in the same period of this year.

Cillóniz pointed out that, at the end of this year, avocado shipments from Peru should amount to 650,000 tons, which would mean an increase of 11 percent compared to the 584,000 tons shipped in all of 2022.

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