Bobalu Shares Latest Weekly Crop Report

From And Now u Know | 16 January 2024

Overview of strawberries from California and Mexico in the U.S. market, complemented by charts from Agronometrics. Original published on January 12, 2024.

CALIFORNIA & MEXICO – What’s going on in the wonderful world of strawberries? Leave it to Bobalu to share! The berry brand has released its latest weekly crop report, revealing updates from its Mexico and Oxnard, California, growing regions.

Volume here is picking up this month after an unsettled December, battling cold and wet conditions in Central Mexico,” the company said in its latest release. “January is looking much better with great quality, size, and flavor and promotable volume expected leading into the last two weeks of the month. Timing is perfect to support the Valentine’s Day pull.”

As for the grower’s Oxnard growing region, Bobalu is seeing clear and cool conditions, which is great for plant health.

strawberry volumes by or 1

Source: USDA Market News via Agronometrics.
(Agronometrics users can view this chart with live updates here)

“What a difference from last year in early January when we dealt with record rain and lack of volume,” the release continued. “We are already more than a month ahead of last year’s volume at this same time period.”

The grower is harvesting on a regular schedule now with light volume but expects things to pick up by month’s end to help fulfill Valentine’s Day stem demand. Fruit quality and flavor are currently great as the company hopes for continued positive weather this winter.

The News in Charts is a collection of stories from the industry complemented by charts from Agronometrics to help better tell their story.

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