Agronometrics Shorts: Has the Peruvian Blueberry Season Reached its Peak?

By Agronometrics | 10 November 2023

The average daily prices of Blueberries in the US plunged by 10.64% in week 45, marking a $1.59 decrease on the last report on November 3, from $14.95 to $13.36. This comes after weeks of elevated prices as the El Niño phenomenon took a toll on blueberry production in Peru. “This is the first time in this industry’s history where we have had such a large contraction of supply, because of how big Peru has gotten, globally,” says Kasey Cronquist, the president of both the US Highbush Blueberry Council and the North American Blueberry Council. Comparing the import volumes of Peruvian blueberries into the US market via USDA data and the Peruvian blueberry exports to the US via our Global Trade Data reveals a compelling narrative. Week 43 saw the highest level of exports yet recorded in the season, at 7.2k MT.

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