Agronometrics CEO, Colin Fain to Speak at The Global Berry Congress

By Agronometrics | 27 November 2023

On November 28, the Global Berry Congress will gather esteemed members of the global berry community in Rotterdam

Featuring talks and discussions  centered on emerging markets, the escalating influence of climate change on berry production, the prospective role of artificial intelligence in shaping the industry, and sustainability, the Global Berry Congress presents a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge on prevailing trends and potential future advancements in critical facets of the fresh berry business.

Specializing in the domain of market intelligence, Agronometrics has played a crucial role in the compilation of the Global State of the Industry Report in recent years. 

The Global State of the Industry Report is a vital resource that is developed by Agronometrics, in collaboration with the International Blueberry Organization in order to facilitate easy access to valuable information and thereby foster the advancement of the blueberry industry.

Leveraging the findings from the 2023 IBO Global State of the Blueberry Industry Report, Colin will juxtapose various pivotal markets and will impart invaluable insights into the overarching global trends in blueberry production.

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