“Naike Blueberry Club” is set up to promote berries

From Fresh Plaza | 13 June 2024

Overview of blueberries from Italy, complemented by charts from Agronometrics. Original published on June 12, 2024.

From the most continental to Mediterranean climates: the availability of blueberries from Molari Berries&Breeding extends thanks to the cooperation with leading partners on a global level and to the birth of the Naike Blueberry Club.

Monia Dall’Ara and Alessandro Gualandi, representatives from the Molari nursery, which specializes in berries, make an assessment as regards the current situation. “Thanks to the collaboration with Fall Creek, we now have a wide range of blueberry varieties available. The plants we develop are placed in vases featuring an innovative ventilation system, in a format that is also ideal for transport and that features solutions to drain the water. Starting from the Fall Creek genetics, we grow the plants and supply them to producers with the best quality possible, i.e. with well-developed roots and no diseases.”

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For companies located in the more continental climates (although, due to the currently changing weather, it is not easy to pinpoint the various geographical areas with their temperatures), there are some varieties that cover the summer period: Blue Ribbon and Top Shelf, followed by Valor, Cargo and Last Call.

With respect to “low chill” varieties, the range includes the Ventura variety.

But there is more, for Italy and Greece, Molari holds the license for Cupla, a blueberry variety from Spanish cooperative Cuna de Platero. “Some varieties, such as Cupla, are already available, while others will become available next fall, so as to better serve clients in Italy and the Mediterranean basin.”

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As regards the Naike Blueberry Club, Gualandi and Dall’Ara stress that “the purpose is to provide an added value to the genetics under our exclusive control. First of all, we want to promote the new varieties in the different areas. Then we will look for new partners, potentially all over Europe, for the production and reasoned promotion of the produce.”

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